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High-end, Jewelry, Luxury, Watch Shop, Clothing Store, E-commerce Store


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Our templates are 100% customisable - we just give you the ultimate headstart. Change the logo, colors, sizes, spacing

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Our templates are 100% customisable - we just give you the ultimate headstart. Change the logo, colors, sizes, spacing

Jossi’s Templates for Jewelry and Luxury Store. Jossi’s Templates are a set of jewelry design templates that you can use to create your own jewelry designs. The templates can be customized to fit any occasion and can be used for engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, and more. Jossi Templates are the finest in quality, with a stunning selection of designs, each with its own unique style. These templates come in a variety of materials, so they can be used to make any style of the website.

Your customized jewelry store is crafted with care and attention to detail. With the delicate designs and structures, your piece is likely to have a unique design that is made just for you.

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What if I already have a website?
So you want to improve your website current design with one of our templates, but don't want to loose important settings or your company branding. We totally understand this challenge and we advise to:
  • Make a copy of your websiteWe always recommend creating a copy of your live website and then import the template. Once installed you need to manually customise the template default settings.
  • Hire Patrice for a smooth transitionDo you need extra help? We offer a full installation service for live websites. In 72 hours or less, we install your new design, set up the template content and manually integrate your branding.

Yes. For installing our templates you need to have a basic level of experience to understand the structure and options of the Flatsome Theme and UX Builder. We recommend visiting our member area for free video tutorials.

All our templates comes with lifetime access to all files and documentation. We provide support and updates to make sure everything keeps working with the latest version of Flatsome. Personally we don't like subscriptions, so you won't get automatically billed.

Once you purchased your template you will get access to the templates files and video tutorials. We included a support section where you can ask your questions, share ideas or report problems.

With our 3 easy steps you can now import the template in about 15 minutes.

  1. Install WordPrews, Flatsome and WooCommerce
  2. Import Flatsome theme options
  3. Import demo pages, UX templates and UX Blocks

After this we created guided video tutorials to learn more about customizing.

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